Need some help with UI nanoHD -> Pfsense VLANs

Cheers! I am a hobbyist and am having a heck of a time with VLANs. Every time I try to set them up, I come away disappointed and give up. But every few months I am back at it. I have a single UI NanoHD that just is not working for VLANs. I followed along with the , video. However VLANs just do not work. I can connect to the SSID, but it won’t direct the client to the DHCP server on the PFSENSE vlan. The Unifi controller version is different, and I am having to add the vlan under networks. However I cannot seem to get it to connect to DHCP. Has something changed on Ubiquiti’s side to force us to buy the Security Gateway and Switch? I have a HP Procurve 1810g-24 switch that does allow vlans, but I couldnt get that to work either. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction would be helpful. My kids are downloading things now that they are older and I want to isolate them from the rest of the network. :slight_smile:


Hard to understand your issue, however, when I setup my pfsense and switch, I did these unconnected, when each were configured I then connected them, perhaps that’s your issue. vlans are well documented by Netgate you should read through it

For the VLAN to work it must be properly defined in the HP swicth.

Its not going through the switch. I followed the video listed above in that the AP is connected directly to the pfsense router in its own interface assignment. Im not able to get the AP to break out the different SSID’s into their different vlans. The SSIDs that are assigned a vlan cant connect anywhere, no net, no pings, no dhcp. The Unifi Controller version has changed since that video, and it appears VLAN is broken out into network options.

Please sent a basic network diagram.

You’ll need to define the VLANs on PFsense, in Unifi, and on every device between them.

In Unifi you attach a VLAN to an SSID in Wireless Networks in Settings