Need - RAID Controller for 16 Drives

Hi Everyone.

I need advice, i have build a custom server .

Intel I7- 9900
ASUS Motherboard,GTX 1030, 10G network card .

I Also got HighPoint Rocketraid 2840A

I Keep on having problem where The Server Keeps freezing, at this point i only could point finger to instability to the RAID card, so i would like to replace it with something else that could handle 16 HHDs.

Please Advice…

Thank you.

Most of the raid system we have are either intergrated Dell or FreeNAS. Serve the home has a good guide for them here

I’ve been using LSI/3ware cards for years without issues. Only “issues” I’ve encountered is that not all of them will allow direct pass through to FreeNAS, but that’s not their fault. That said, I haven’t worked with anything newer than 9560 cards, everything since has just been an onboard controller for JBOD to FreeNAS.

Thanks for a reply.

Just to clarify something I didn’t mention, the server is Surveillance server, running like a 100 cameras, we needed a lot of storage. So I got a raid card.

The newer LSI cards have RAID 5 or RAID 6 built into the hardware. I’ve never had any throughput issues, and as far as I know, AVID technologies still uses LSI cards in their video servers. You may also want to get the battery backup module.

Again, just my personal use cases have directed me to this brand.

And you may want to get a 24 or 32 drive card so you can expand to a second/bigger chassis if you need more drives. Most of these will break out with a multi-lane cable of some sort.