Need method to block web proxies on home network


May '19

Howdy all. I would like to be able to block the use of web proxies on my home wired and wireless connections.

In the recent past I was using an iboss filtering wireless home router which seemed to do the best job but unfortunately the hardare could go no faster than 35 Mbps and the company has no plans to offer more modern hardware and the filtering updates on their end (which used to require a subscription fee are no longer available).

I have cable internet service, an asus ac-3100 wireless router(using settings for filtering by keyword and domain ), basic opendns filtering (basic - router is configured to use opendns for dns service and home account level filtering ( with opendns client software installed per machine),

Qustodio software filtering software per device also.

At the moment, is an issue ( it seems to double proxy from its webproxy homepage using a list of other webproxies? that it can combine ) and seems to be a hole that so far cannot be plugged.

Any Ideas?

My answer is the same as the one in the Level1 forums. You’ll need to set up your own certificate infrastructure, install trusted certificates on all the devices and configure squid/squidGuard to inspect/block HTTPS traffic.

E2guardian is a little easier to use, but still requires a security certificate for man in the middle interception, and it is much harder to install and keep updated since it is not a supported package.

@jazzisjazz not to pry into your home life but why not just allow people that won’t use web proxies on your network.

For example only allow know devices by MAC address to connect. This can’t be done quite easily in almost any home router.