Need Help with Ubiquiti

Hello ,
this is my first post here ,i am glad that i have joined.
Here is the situation ,i have a cloud key with Ubiquiti switches and access points along with a firewall,i have draw a quick diagram on how its connected
I have created a network with vlans as follow
VLAN_10 Management VLAN & Main WIFI
VLAN_30 guest WIFI
VLAN_50 smartphoes WIFI
My problem is that on AP2, MAIN WIFI Clients get IP from DHCP that is configured on the Firewall but on the other guest WIFI and Smartphoes WIFI it is not working clients don’t get an IP, Although every thing is working fine at AP1 .Even when i tried to make the SPF ports which are connecting the two switches configured with ALL Profile profile from the cloud key, it didn"t work.
Where do you think the problem is ?
Another thing, how to change the Management VLAn of SW1 as it is now appears offline.Is it must be accessed from the console port to change it or is there an easier solution.

Thanks guys in advance.

Sounds like you don’t have the ports set to “ALL” between the switches.

Thanks alot @LTS_Tom for that, I will Double check it again. Can you kindly tell me how to change the Management Network of the SW1 as it is now appearing as offiline althoguh everything is working ?Many Thanks

Not sure what you did to cause it, I would delete it from the controller, reset the switch, and re-adopt it.

Its Management Network was changed from a VLAN_10 to LAN on that switch ,after than it became offline on the cloudkey. If there is an option to get it change again the Management network to VLAN_10 without reseting,Please let me know

You need to access the device via SSH with the username and password you set on the controller in the Device auth section under the Site page. If you didn’t there’s no other way than resetting the switch.

Thanks for you reply, that exactly what i did, but when i change the managment vlan,the switch don"t get an IP ,when i change the ip first, i get disconnected and can"t change the management VLAn .
Is there a way to do both actions in one-line command ?
“Changing the VLAN then release and renew the IP”