Need help with Pfsense routing between 2 connections


I have Pfsense+ and I have a need for 2 subnets to exist between 2 connections. Here is my layout.

LAN1 is set up as 192.168.15.x with DHCP of .25 to .250
LAN2 is set up as 192.168.20.x with DHCP of .25 to .250

How do I set up the firewall to ping a client on both subnets? Let’s say wishes to ping, how do I configure rules??


This should do it

This rule is saying that anything in the LAN network can ping anything in the Guest network. Obviously change to fit your needs. Also if you want to go the oppisite direction create a similar rule from the guest interface (In this case).

[xMAXIMUSx] thanks for the assist! I tried that and put a rule on both sides and I could not ping from device to device. Does anyone know what I’m missing?

Can you post screenshots of your firewall rules for both networks, this will help us greatly

I posted this on the Netgate forum. I have 3 grabs there can only post one here: How to tie 2 internal LAN connectors together on different subnets | Netgate Forum

Are you sure the endpoint you are trying to ping doesn’t have any OS firewall rules that are blocking ICMP? Meaning the Device itself is blocking ICMP.

Try adding the icmp rules from above to see if it makes any difference,