Need help setting up a netgate device prior to delivery/installation

Ahoy! I’ve got a client who needs a VPN server at his office to which he can connect remotely and use RDC via his android tablet. I’ve got an SG2100 I’d like to use for this and I’m a bit out of practice so I’m looking for advice. A while back, Lawrence said he routinely pre-configures hardware prior to installation. Actually I’m pretty sure he said he’s configured hardware and mailed it to the client, PnP style - that’s amazing.

Anyhow, my client has a FiOS gateway which I’ll be setting to bridge. This SG2100 really only needs to have an openvpn server listening. Is there a way I can set this box up, here in the shop and have it fully functioning to the point I can just deliver it, set his router to bridge, plug in the SG2100 and Bob’s my uncle?

Yes, just setup OpenVPN and have it set to listen on WAN which can be set to DHCP or if your client has static, just make those the last settings you put in.

He doesn’t have static. I was planning on using a FWDN and DDNS to allow the vpn client to resolve the IP. Are there other ways I’m unaware of? Also, when I put his FiOS gateway/router to bridge mode, will that cancel out his wifi broadcast from the gateway? I wonder if there’s a setting to continue wifi broadcast but use a different DHCP server, in my case, the SG2100.