Need help designing Tailscale setup

I have just setup an headscale-server on a VPS.

Now what? :slight_smile:

My home network is behind a pfSense box. I have a Nextcloud running and shared within my family.
It is available publicly using HAProxy and Cloudflare. My thought is to put his behind a Tailscale overlay network.

Would this happen if I connect my pfSense to my control server and I hook up all the devices that want to connect to the same control server?

This video by Lawrence may help

I believe headscale it the same as headscale, the difference is that you host headscale


With Tailscale, you would probably add you Nextcloud server and all of the devices tha you want to connect to it to the same Tailnet. Your pfSense doesn’t need Tailscale or to participate in the overlay network in that scenario.

Alternatively, you could add your clients to the Tailnet and a subnet router node (which could be your pfSense) to give access to your LAN - in this case, you more or less have a more traditional VPN type situation.

The first example is kind of more the point with overlay/mesh vpn networks but it depends on your use case.

I am interested in your journey to tailscale, I think I need to set up something for myself between home and work. Or I need to get my VPN back up, just hasn’t been a huge priority lately. Tailscale would let me have more flexibility if I use their server.

I was at the same place. Needing get my VPN back up or use Tailscale.

Now I am able to connect to my headscale coordination server with my phone (iphone) and it is working.
Only thing is, a minor detail… but hostname is set to localhost.

So when connectiong I get localhost.USERNAME.DOMAIN.NET, where do I change that?

I’m not sure from what you posted if that’s the URL for you control server or custom dns on the Tailnet.

Look in your config file for the server_url or dns_config directives.

Example config.yaml is at docs on custom dns records is at

Hope that helps

That is the URL for my coordination server using headscale.