Need help configuring auto mount of NFS using Lococal account

I need help!

I am trying to get Debian to auto mount at boot an NFS share hosted a Windows Server 2022 NFS Server, specifying a username and password other in the mount syntax.

Here is the whole picture…
FYI I am skipping DNS and using static IPs for all my syntaxes.

Server #1 = My Windows Server 2022 (ip address running Windows NFS Server has a local user account (username “ClarkKent”) that has been given ‘FULL’ NTFS ACL permissions to the directory 'A:\BackUps' which is shared via NFS ‘’

Server #2 = A Debian server (ip address that I need to configure so the Windows NFS Server share is auto mounted at boot (mount point = ‘/mnt/nfs/BackUp/’)
… but I need the configuration for the NFS auto mount process to supply a specific username (‘ClarkKent’) and specific password (‘Superman’).

The username ‘ClarkKent’ only exists locally on the Windows server 2022 host.

Once the Debian host is successfully auto mounting at boot the NFS share ‘’ then the Debian host will be used as SSH server by Cisco devices.

The Cisco devices will use the same local account specific Credentials (username = ‘ClarkKent’ and password = ‘Superman’) to login the Debian SSH server for the purposes of SCP file transfers of nightly backup files to the Debian server.

What I have working already:
As my first proof of concet, my debian host is able to anonymously mount the NFS share, but the mounted directory is 'No Permissions" when I tried to access.

As my second Proof of Concept, I have everything configured and working under allow “anonymous” connections to the NFS Server.
(when I also give “Everyone” the same ‘Full’ NTFS ACL permissions to the windows directory 'A:\BackUps'.

I need to give only the username ‘ClarkKent’ FULL mermissions to the directory.

What I need help with: update my configuration (I think maybe /etc/fstab) using mount/nfs syntax that specifies the username = ‘ClarkKent’ and password = ‘Superman’

Since windows is capable of ssh why don’t you do a remote SCP copy the Cisco configs to local disk?

scp remote_username@ c:\path\to\save

Cisco is not compliant with Windows based SSH clients.

Trust me: this has been exhaustively proven.

How so? Is it a cipher issue? What is the incompatibility?