Need help/advice on vendor holding money hostage

Hi everyone. I’ll do my best to keep this short. I placed an order with Tigerdirect a month ago. I soon realized it was a less than stellar item and requested a refund (3 weeks ago), I agreed to the 15% restocking fee, was told to hold tight for the RMA form and that I’d then be on my merry way. Since that time I have emailed and called numerous times just to be given the run-around that their returns department is “working on it”. Am I being unreasonable here or is something shady going on? Any ideas on what to do? Should I just mail it back to them and include the email thread and have them sign for it and then request a chargeback with my bank? Thanks, and sorry if this is a weird thing to be posting here.

Sorry to hear about your issue. In your case I would follow up every 24 hours and make sure it is done over email so you have documentation of the conversation. If you have a call follow up with a summary of the conversation in an email.

Maybe in the future you could use a credit card for payment since it is much easier to dispute charges then with a bank. Also, I wouldn’t wait 3 weeks unless I do a lot of business with them. If you do a lot of business though I would involve your sales rep/etc if you haven’t already.

Hope you got it sorted out soon!

Thanks Fred. Jeez this is frustrating - I just got done reading similar stories from other customers where TD would keep stalling until the return window passed and then play the “this item can no longer be returned” card. I was about to attempt a charge-back but realized I made the purchase with PayPal so I started a dispute and attached the email thread thus far and an explanation of what’s been happening…fingers crossed…

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Tiger sucks! I won’t do business with them again and haven’t in nearly 20 years now. Yup I got burned on a PC that blew a component on the main board when I powered it up. I think I ended up using the case for something else after I gave up trying to get my money back (several months later)

Paypal will require that you send the items back. Make absolutely certain that you have tracking on them, might want to go the extra money for signature to make certain. But it all could still fail. If you are not allowed to return them without RMA, and they never give you an RMA, then you are kind of stuck. Returns often go to a different place. Maybe Gamers Nexus needs to look into Tiger next, still not sure if Newegg is worth paying again.

If that happens you can expect to see a data dump of our correspondences on twitter, reddit, etc. and I’ll make sure the YouTubers I know are aware of it. Lesson learned I guess.

Here’s a happy update should anyone stumble across this… I opened a case with Paypal and provided every bit of info I had. Within a week they issued a full refund and I do not have to return the device. TG probably just ignored Paypal’s request for further information. What a joke of a company but at least I got my money back! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad, makes me feel better after I got stiffed so many years ago! There are on my DO NOT list and I’ve spread that to purchasing at work so that they do not buy either.