Need Assistance with XP-ng Server Web Interface Access Issue

Hello XP-ng Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m reaching out to seek assistance with a challenging issue I’m facing while trying to access the web interface on my newly installed XP-ng server. Your expertise and insights would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a brief overview of the problem:

  • I successfully installed XP-ng on my server.
  • Using the Xen Orchestra Quick Deploy, I created a new virtual machine. However, during this process, I encountered an error stating “xoa not responding.”
  • When attempting to access the Xen Orchestra web interface from the IP address of the XP-ng server, I received the “xoa not responding” error. Furthermore, accessing the IP address assigned to xoa resulted in a “This site can’t be reached” message with the error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.
  • Notably, when inspecting the xoa VM, I observed it’s displaying an IPv6 address instead of an IPv4 address. I suspect this might be causing the issue, possibly related to the initial “xoa not responding” error during the Xen Orchestra Quick Deployment process.

I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, but I’m still unable to resolve the problem. I’m reaching out to the community in the hope that someone might have encountered a similar issue or can provide valuable insights.

Has anyone faced a similar problem with Xen Orchestra Quick Deploy and encountered the “xoa not responding” error? Additionally, has anyone experienced the IPv6 address display issue with xoa VMs?

Your comments, suggestions, or any helpful information would be highly appreciated. I’ve used up all my brain cells on this one, and I’m hoping the community can provide some fresh perspectives.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

Sounds like it’s not getting an IP address, you need to make sure there is a DHCP server attached to the network.

Hey Tom,

This is a dedicated server from OVH running a fresh install of xcp-ng. I’m not really sure what I’m missing to get it to get either the assigned static IP from the dedicated server. Unfortunately, I can’t get help from OVH as they don’t officially support xcp-ng. So, I’m asking for help before I start throwing money at an xcp-ng hosting company already pre-setup and ready to go out of the box.

You can try this image for the community edition of XO

Or is this an issue getting an outward facing IPv6 address? XO and XCP-NG can not have the same IP address, so if you only have a single IPv6 address for the host, then XO is probably not going to work.

Hi there @Greg_E,

I don’t use IPv6, but I did also purchase an additional IPv4 IP address to use specifically for XO. I think I’ve just realised what I’ve done wrong, so I’m waiting for a re-image of xcp-ng to complete to see if my hunch is right. I’ll update this post if I am indeed right.