Need a New Networking Switch

I am deciding between these 2 switches:

I already have a UniFi network controller running for my AP AC Pro which is hosted on my Windows Server so I was leaning towards the UniFi switch a bit more since I am familiar with their UI and hardware and it would integrate well with the AP (I use pfsense for my firewall).
But the Aruba InstantOn Switch looks nice as well and has local management according to Lawrence video. Only downside I can think of immediately is it is a new product line unlike the UniFi switches where its the gen2 versions.

I mainly need Link Aggregation support, VLAN support, local management, and reliability (obviously lol).

Anyone have experience with these switches and share them? Also, if Tom manages to see this I wonder what you mainly deploy to clients since Aruba InstantOn being released?

Are you creating the VLAN on your firewall, or on the switch?
I’ve had countless issues with other switches (HP, Cisco etc) that have scrubbed VLANs configured with firewalls pushed out to unifi WAPs behind other those switches, making guest networks SSIDs unusable.

My typical setup:
Enterprise Firewall (VLAN 22 configured for Guest SSID)
Directly connected to Unifi POE Switch (can only daisy-chain ubuquiti switches)
Directly connect WAPs to Unifi switch

I actually dont have VLANs setup yet. Which Unifi poe switch are you using? Is it treating you well?

Haven’t had any issues with 8x US‑48‑750W in about 4 years (not the latest model with lcd screen). If you’re looking to just push a vlan to it for unifi APs, I’d say go for it.
One if them is running 14 unifi-ac-pros and 12 uvc-g3s.