Need a Linux Based Multiboot USB creator tool that works

Currently using Ubuntu 20.0x

I used to use “Multisystem” to create my multiple boot USB drives, however, it seems broken as of my recent upgrade to 20.0x and upgrade of the application.

I searched out - the site seems defunct despite recent reviews of it online. If you know of a repo that still has it, please share.

Sardu looks promising, but I have never used it.

Can anyone help out with a solid recommendation for a Debian based multiboot USB creator tool?

@LTS_Tom ?


Take a look at

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Had success with ventoy

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I’m guessing this wouldn’t allow for persistance?

Not sure just use it for ISO’s

I tried to boot many iso’s using that tool. Some worked and some didn’t. One that didn’t work was Kali Linux Live. The error was Invalid Magic Number - Need to load the kernel first – verified the iso and it will work fine in vbox. I think it has something to do with UEFI?

Could be, I use it on a old laptop with the old BIOS, I didn’t have issues with Linux OS’s but things like proxmox and pfsense wouldn’t work.

Just a heads up, and with absolutely no help from the WWW, and 30 hours later, the issue was that I wasn’t using GPT while using Ventoy as the default is MBR only.

When setting up Ventoy for the first time, this is the syntax you need to use;

sudo ./ -i -s -g /dev/sdX

Kali 2020.4 is running nicely, and I am sure after I load the other problem child ISO’s it will work just the same.

I was getting hyper desperate and was considering building the USB manually.

Ventoy IMHO should have this in the documentation or troubleshooting step.

A little bit late to the party here but;

YUMI Multiboot from pendrive linux

You do have to play around with the “unlisted iso” option for things that are not in the list but I’ve managed to get just about everything I need to work. It does get upset when booting xcp-ng and you have to download the packages via HTTP as it doesn’t find the CD but other than that it seems fine.

Sorry, just read that bit. No idea if YUMI is cross platform…

They do have quite a lot of info on doing it though