Need a cloud storage programme for my Surveillance

Hello there Lawrence I need your take on this. So I have around 4 Ezviz standalone cameras that I would wish to place each on 4 different locations. The cameras have an SD card slot where they can store footage and also a cloud based storage run by Ezviz, but you pay a yearly subscription fee of around $89 which I think for 4 cameras isn’t worth and also security wise it is a risk having your data stored by another company. Is there a cloud-based programme you can recommend or that I can install on pc and run as a server that would be able to create a storage system for all my cloud storage, one which I have control over?

I have never used those cameras before, but you would need some server they could talk to and I don’t know if they support third party servers as a destinations. Many of the IP cameras we use are onvif and we connect them to a server such as Synology,