Nebula + PFSense

Hi All,

I know there are a number of videos/explainers on how to integrate Tailspin/WireGuard/OpenVPN
into PFSense but nothing mentions Nebula here.

I understand there isn’t a package for it (yet if ever) but I was just thinking about the fundamental structure of Nebula and wondering the following:

If you install Nebula and allow it to create an interface on its own, would that Interface show up in
PFSense and be routable/assignable like a physical interface?

My test stack is down right now but if needbe I can test this out later when I have things back up
and running.

You can hack away at pfsense putting in any code you want but I usually avoid that as I prefer stability and security and I’m not sure which issues may arise from integrating nebula.

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