Neat tool for home lab OS installs

I found a really neat tool to install different OS’s from a single USB stick. The tool is called VENTOY . I have it loaded on a 128GB thumb drive. All that is required have is copy the OS install .ISO to the storage partition of the thumb drive and VENTOY will allow you to boot a PC to that OS. This one thumb drive has all Windows server OS, VMWare ESX OS, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 20.4.5, pfSense, TrueNAS, the latest HPE SPP. This certainly beats having to keep one thumb drive for each OS or waiting for Rufus to create your thumb drive.

Yup, great tool.

Not all ISOs will work, but I’ve only come across a few of these. Using Etcher or Rufus on another drive and then they work. I think the pfsense USB iso is one of these. I’ve had some other issues with a couple that refuse to work if I try to boot “BIOS” instead of UEFI, I think Parted Magic is one of those, one of the Windows PE based tools is a problem too.

But otherwise it is a great tool to have and I use it more often than I want.

I wound up creating two Ventoy sticks. One with the default settings that works with UEFI boot machines and the other one that works with BIOS boot machines. I did manage to get TrueNAS and pfSense to install from both sticks, so I know they work.

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