NAS with 10GE option

Hello all looking to add a NAS to my network. I have the MikroTik CRS328-24P-4S+RM with open 10GE ports. I know lots of people like the Synology brand. If anyone has a Nas with 10GE port would love to know which one and how you like it ?

I have reviewed the DS1621xs+ which is nice and has 10G

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One of my Truenas servers has dual 10gbe connections, but that’s probably not what you were requesting.

Doesn’t one of the models of the Truenas Mini have a 10gbe connection? I see an option to add it, seller is ixsystems TrueNAS Mini 10Gb Dual-Port Upgrade SFP+ Ports (Twinax/DAC): Industrial & Scientific

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With QNAP they have 10G NICs and also come with additional PCi slots where 10G cards can be added.