Nanostation as wifi extender?

Is it possible to connect a nanostation to a wireless router? I have a friend that wants internet in their shop(can’t get them to bury a wire). So I’am trying to put a loco m2 on the outside of the shop and link it to the router in the house then connect the m2 to a router inside the shop. I can ping the router in the house from inside the shop but can’t ping I can ping other devices from inside the shop and I can ping to the shop from devices connected to the router in the house.

It can be setup as a bridge with another Nanostation and work much the same has having a cable between the devices, but it is not like a standard WiFi extender.

I was trying to use only one nanostation because the shop is only 80ft from the house. I thought it was possible to setup a wireless bridge between the router and a single nanostation. Like an RV wifi setup.