NanoHD (30) media center (60) how to issue

I have my network set up with the following Subnets:
|Media Center|-||

My issue is trying to set up the subnets that are using the Nano HD (subnet 30) to get to the internet… IE Media Center LG TV (WiFi). The wired media center (cat6 wired USW-FlexMini), has no issue of getting the media center wired items into the (60) subnet. All the media center wifi items will not let me assign them to the media center (60) subnet. On the Clients display page they are all in the (30) subnet. Will I need to purchase another NanoHD just for the media center WiFi? I hope not…

UDM-Pro v1.8.6
USW-Pro-24-PoE v5.43.23.12533
NanoHD v5.43.23.12533
USW-Flex-Mini v1.8.4.674

I am not clear on the issue. Are these VLANs and you are trying to map the 30 netowrk to the wireless SSID? Do you have the Nano on the admin port and then the SSID tagged to VLAN corresponding to the 30 network?

I apologize for not being clear. The NanoHD is the Guest (30) subnet, so unfortunately every thing that is WiFi and goes through the NanoHD gets tied to the Guest (30) subnet IP address if the device is set to DHCP, I understand that. I prety much have static IP’s for everything, so when I assign a static IP in the Media Center subnet (60) to the LG TV’s WiFi address the TV will accept the Static IP address, but it still displays as what ever the DHCP address is given to it. So, as I move forward with Firewall rules this could be an issue and of course the usage will be showing up in the Guest subnet. Not that this is a life/death issue, but it would be nice to get these things in the proper categories. Media center is only one of the categories that the WiFi devices fall under (Cell phones, fridge, Iot…)

I hope that this makes it a little clearer


The NanoHD should be getting an admin IP in the range with the port set to “all” and then you create the SSID tagged to VLAN corresponding to the 30 network.

I have the NanoHD port set to (30 - Guest).
Will redo the setup as suggested today

I am working on eventually having the Guest (30) subnet not being able to communicate with any of the other subnets (same for the others), other than the Printers (20). Admin (10) will be able to communicate with all the subnets. I would have the Guest gateway setup for correct? So the Guests would access the internet using the Guest gateway and not Admin, correct? I know I ask a lot of questions…

Once you have the Nano configured properly the traffic rules all have to be defined in the firewall.