NanoBeamAC Gen2

Need to install a simple point to point for a customer this weekend so i ordered NanoBeam AC Gen2 from amazon. They arrived today, fired them up and when i go to select my country USA it is not listed. I’ve looked around on the forums and people are saying this has been an issue for at-least a year. They were sold by amazon, the sticker on the side of the box is NBE-5AC-Gen2-US.

I know I can just complain to amazon and they will replace them most likely but since i opened them i’m not entirely sure.

Anyway do you see any issue with using the them for a .1 mile bridge? It is literally just across the street for an NVR with 6 security cameras?

Flip side I do have nanostation M5 (100mbps) too, although id rather use the Gen2 since it is a NVR over there with some 3mp cameras. Probably eventually an access point and a laptop for the mechanics/maintenance people.

My understanding of the country thing is that it automatically sets what channels you can use. As long as you pick an allowed channel and power for the US no one will care what country it’s set for.

If anything, you might have an issue with not being able to turn the output down low enough. I have a pair of these to link to my garage to the house, 20’ or so. I have them turned down as low as I can and I’m still sitting around 28-30 dB.

thanks, I ended up just installing them and they worked perfectly fine. 655Mbps on each antenna. I figured since they’re both apparently EU or whatever (non us) as long as they are the same it’ll work fine. Attached some pictures cuz these things are just so cooooooll love them.

Glad you got them working. Just make sure you’re using settings that are approved in the US so the FCC doesn’t come knocking on your door with fines.