Nanobeam with 2 ISP

Hello everyone,

I have a question, and maybe this was asked once via forums but unfortunately I can’t find it.

Now the question;

There is location A with internet and a private network with a Nas, and a location B with an internet, network and Nas. I also bought 2 Nanobeam ac gen 2 to make a wireless connection with the 2 locations. Now I want a failback on both ISP to each ISP, AND be able to access both Nas. Location A to B and vice versa.
Could someone draw this with a simple sketch and give a little push on the way from the setting. Use Unifi products at both locations.
I hope this is clear otherwise I will supplement it with your questions.
Thank you in advance

Try I think it’s simple to use for a drawing.

Hi Pavlos,

You think you know, could you please explain

@pavlos is just saying use to make your own diagram

Oh, sorry I understood something else. I quickly found something that hopefully makes it clear. Only we do not use PFsense but UDM Pro at both locations .

I solved the problem.