NanoBeam 5ac gen 2

I have a few NanoBeams I use to supply internet to multiple rv’s in our park. Something strange is happening at one site. The thru put is very low on one but the others on each side are fine. Each has an uninstructed view of the main antenna about 300 yards away over water.

Each NanoBeam is programmed identical except for the ip address.

I have switched out the NanoBeam, power injector and run tests on the cable.

What else should I look for?

Check to see if there is some change in signal due to interference which is a very likely cause.

As above,

Have the devices moved slightly, so not aligned up correctly.

Network connection, has water go into it

I had a problem at one site where the signal was bouncing off the water and cancelling out the main signal. Lowering the antenna, and pointing it slightly up corrected the problem.