Mysterious Log troubleshooting

My Synology NAS logging has detected several login failures coming from my Pfsense firewall that I cannot place or understand, and I was hoping for some pointers.

X.X.X.X stands for the LAN address of the Pfsense firewall

  1. User SYSTEM, type Connection,
    Host [X.X.X.X.] failed to connect via [SMB] due to [SMB1 not permitted].
  2. User my NAS directory account, Type Connection
    User [domain\user] from [X.X.X.X] failed to log in via [Mail Server] due to authorization failure.

^ Above is actually repeated for a couple of the users.

Is my firewall compromised somehow? My notifications account is a separate username - I checked the Pfsense settings for that.

Would love to hear some thoughts.