MySQL db help? v5 to v8 migration?

Here is the situation: A long neglected web app on a shared hosted server, I need to update the web app and need certain upgrades to make this happen. PHP needs to be upgraded to v8.2, this I can do. I also need MySQL updated to v8.0+.

The original database is on MySQL v5.0 and there is no tool available to me to upgrade it. Also the old web app won’t run on a higher version of PHP than 7.0, so I can’t just open the two versions of the web app and manually duplicate as much of the configuration as possible. I’m not too worried about the user data, that changes pretty much every year, but the config data is what I really want.

I’ve tried exporting the db, making a new db with a different name and user account, then importing that data into the new db. It keeps throwing errors.

I’ve edited a few lines in this export to match the new db name, but get other errors and a partial import.

Kind of stuck right now in trying to save this data. I installed MySQLworkbench CE, but need to read through the user guide to try and figure out what I need to do. It looks like I may need to connect to both remote db to migrate from one to the other and change any version variables in the process, but just a guess.

My ultimate least favored plan is to start from scratch, which may be the best choice in terms of time messing around. Thought I would ask and see if anyone has an idea to try.

Is the mysql really on 5.0 or 5.7?

In terms of upgrading php code there is a project out there that might help you.

It’s really old and really on MySQL 5.0. Since it’s a shared host, upgrading seems to be that you move the db to another server that is running an newer version, not upgrading your specific db. They used to have a tool to upgrade the DB, but it must have been problematic, or they decided it was a cash cow and force you to let support fix it for whatever they charge. Kind of like they treat SSL certs, it’s a cash cow for them to make the certs and apply them to your site. They pretty much make using a Let’s Encrypt cert as hard as they possibly can make it.

I have this web application and a Joomla site that are both on MySQL 5.0, not too worried about the site, think I’m going to wipe it and move to Wordpress in hopes that other people will work with it to take the burden off of me. And if not, all I want is a single page with a link to the web app which fulfills ICANN requirements to have a real page created. If it stays static for the next 9 years, I’ll retire and it won’t be my problem anymore.

I may end up doing the same with the web app, just wiping the old one out and starting from scratch. It might end up taking less time.