My Unifi CK stop responding

I need to reset my Unifi CK. I have it set to daily backups. I"m able to ssh into the CK and copied the backup files to my windows PC. I believe the DB is corrupted.
Since I have never had to reset or restore my CK I have a couple of questions;
1.Should I remove the SD card before I reset the CK?
2 If so, will the backup file be left intact once I insert the CK and will the CK find the backup files?

Thanks in advance

I have never had to reset one, but I would remove the SD card prior to re-configuring it.

Well, here is what I did last night.
I was able to login into the Cloud Key via ssh, once in I went to “/data/autobackup” and down loaded all my backups (I do a backup every night at 6PM) to my PC.
I then remove the SD card and did a rest of the CK. Once the CK was OS was up I inserted the SD and but the OS did not mount it. So I left the SD card in and rebooted the CK. I felt good about doing that since I had a backup of the files on my PC. Once the CK was back to solid white light, I logged in via the web and was able to restore to a good point in time.
Still don’t know why the DB got hosed. But now have confidence in the backup/restore process for the CK.

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