My first post here


My name is Chris. I come here from a very unusual set of skills. My background includes Automotive diagnostic and repair, Work in Avaition as a ATP rated Pilot in many general aviation aircraft until kidney failure ended my career flying for a major carrier in the US.

Overlapping was a hobby was information systems starting with DOS 5.0 that became my final destination for earning income. I’ve been titled an engineer in infrastructure and systems. Ive always liked working with hardware, Cars, Airplanes and Computers. Never have been much of a gamer as I got killed too often, it was so depressing !!

Today my wife, children and I have had what has now coined a MSP for 12 years now. We have had highs and lows trying to force it to remain employee-less without additional overhead. Simply meaning working from a home based office.


Welcome to the forums.

I hope that your wife had the ability to choose good clients and that you had the will to fire the bad ones.