Multiple WAN IPs on PfSense HA

I`ve successfully configured HA on Pfsense (One physical box and a backup VM).
Looks like everything is working as expected, but unfortunately, I can find a way on how to add additional IPs from the same subnet which are provided from my ISP.

Here is the configuration.

I`ve /27 Public IPs. 3 of them are used for the HA as follows:

PF Box (Master) WAN IP x.x.x.71/27
PF box (Backup) WAN IP x.x.x.72/27
CARP IP for WAN x.x.x.73/27

Additional IPs Range I would like to add: x.x.x.74 to x.x.x.80

If I add on MASTER PF box additional WAN IP ( x.x.x.74) as a Virtual IP… it is not synchronized over the HA to the BACKUP PF Box which means that for that specific additional WAN IP I don`t have HA.

If I add on MASTER PF box additional WAN IP (x.x.x.74) as a CARP IP…Suddenly the newly added x.x.x.74 becomes the CARP IP for WAN and replaces the x.x.x.73

Which one is the right way for adding additional WAN IPs in this scenario?