Multiple VPN Connections

I have a question regarding UDM Pro and VPNs. From my home office I have a pretty sophisticated setup with Unifi architecture and I love it. I also have a firewall thats not unifi. So here is what I am asking:

Here is my scenario:

I have a guest wifi and I use DNS filtering to provide security but even then that is limited. I have adugard DNS Servers in the cloud and that is what I use for all my traffic filtering. While this is great, it has limitations and can still be bypassed to a degree. Normally I do not mind too much but since I have an open wifi for my area, I want to be able to rout the traffic over a VPN.


I figured out how to route specific clients over VPN connection one (My laptops, and desktops) and I find this to be easy since it does not affect my streaming services. I would like to do this with the guest wifi.

To try to clear this up:

I want to route all guest wifi traffic over a different VPN than my desktops and laptops. Is this possible?

I know this can be done with pfsense, not sure if the UDM Pro can do it.