Multiple Static WAN pfsense video

In response to the video shows easy enough how to use the addresses for inbound forwarding rules. However, I’m wondering what needs to be done to have each static IP assigned to a different interface(s) so outbound traffic coming from devices on that network will be the same as the forwarded ports to them. For example:

IP goes to OPT2
IP goes to OPT3, OPT4
IP goes to OPT5, OPT6, and OPT7

Then their respective IP from the devices on each interface would show up to the websites they browse.

Under Firewall->Rules you need to create and advance rule that chooses the gateway you want that device to go out.

Thanks Tom for the fast reply! I’m familiar with choosing the advanced rule for the gateway as I do that for failover. I think I did a poor job at explaining my intentions or I’m just not seeing the option to do a virtual IP in the gateway.

As an example:
ISP provides /28 network of

I want to give OPT1 the IP to go out
OPT1 has local net of

OPT2 will get for outbound from ISP
OPT2 has local net of

I have 9 OPT interfaces that will use 9 IP addresses from the pool of 14 from the ISP. Each IP will be for traffic being forwarded in and for traffic going out to each respective OPT interface.

I found out this is handled in Outbound NAT rules.

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