Multiple Dwelling Units - Wifi

Hi Folks,

I am seeking some help. I have done several Wi-Fi projects of all different sizes but nothing like the one I am working on. And could use a little help and I am hoping to find someone who done Wi-Fi in a MDU. That could tell me anything I should plan for or just some guidance.

I am currently working with a builder who is building a MDU building. They are still pouring concrete and I can’t really do a in person Wi-Fi survey of the place. The building will be 48 unit condominium ranging from 2,0 SQ FT to 4,500 SQ FT units.

Each unit will have it own Modem delivered to the the Utility closet in each unit. I was thinking about putting a UAP-IW-HD-US behind every TV and dialing the radios in so it don’t over kill the place but I have two fears that these units will either put out too little or put out way to much and have channel issue with all the units.

My Jobs are usually one big network not one big building with many smaller networks.

As long as the placements of the units are reasonable it should work. You can get the floor plan from the builder and load it into the UniFi software and do some planning.

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Question what is you expected roll as far as maintaining? Asking because I am more worried about the home owner/renter messing with things. Is managed internet included as part of purchase/lease basically. Or is the homeowner/renter responsible?

My concern is that if you are not contracted for maintenance in the future is UniFi the proper install. ALso you went from one client with 48 aps to 48 clients with one ap.