Multicast storms? switches "going down"

Having an issue where occasionally we have a couple of USW 16 and 24poort switches that seemingly go offline in the unifi controller, stop responding to pings/ssh/etc. Some devices that are connected to the switches that show the issue will work fine but other devices start having issues communicating on the network. During the time when the switches seem to “go down” traffic still passes through them from connected devices most of the time. I’ve done some packet captures during times when the issue is happening as well as during times when everything is functioning normally but could use some help sorting through things as I’m not super well versed in all the deep packety stuff… Ha! I’ve also pulled logs from the switches after the event happens and the only thing that I can determine from those is the switches start having DNS issues (which explains why they show disconnected from unifi). But all other devices don’t seem to have DNS issues. We also can’t seem to really narrow down the issue to a specific device connected to one of these switches. We thought for a few days we had it taken care of after disconnecting a questionable device (would sometimes have network issues) but the issues seemed to pop back up… Would anyone be willing to help out with the packet captures?