Multi-Site IP camera remote viewing

Please how can you help me with this?
I need to install 4 Ip cameras in 36 different locations and make them remote viewable at the Head office, each remote site doesn’t necessarily need a screen or local storage we just need to send footage directly to be viewed and stored at the head offices in 36 different states.

Your timely response is appreciated
Thank you.

That’s super easy.

Just setup your 4 cams in 36 locations.

Buy a NAS (synology or QNAP), using their software you can then access your 4x36 cams for viewing, control, recording or whatever.

You will of course need a license for those cams.

Your haven’t proffer a solution here pls can you state clearly how that’s achievable ?

You basically need a VPN between your home and remote locations. You might want to get familiar with OpenVPN.

I want a full rundown of equipments and methodology to be deployed for effective remote viewing and recording at the headquarters.

What have you done so far ? What is your setup ?

There are commercial solutions out there such as that are designed specifically for this. I really don’t recommend using anything from QNAP as their security is not good but Synology does make some great products. The Synology system is designed to record to a local device at each location but does have the option for each system to be remotely viewed and backed up to their C2 system.