Multi computer "hot desk"

I have started a new job that allows me to work from home.

I was excited to set up a desk that I could use with multiple laptops.
(my work, home, my wifes work and home)
Now that I have started, I am noticing I am loosing functionality. There are resources on my network I don’t want to load on my work laptop but want access to (biggest ones being my cameras and IoT gear)

Right now I am brainstorming what my goals are, and the path I want to take to get there.

In the short term I am thinking of setting up a VM and using something like Guacamole to connect to it and put it on a screen. Down the road I am thinking the solution I may want is to put a mini pc at my desk.

What are your thoughts?
Do you have a desk setup for multiple people to use?
What do you like about your setup?
What do you dislike?
What would your ultimate hot desk setup be?

More than once I’ve bought cheap Lenovo X-series laptops, so that I could dial back home using the company guest wifi. That’s worked for me, I wouldn’t load any applications onto a work laptop that accesses my data, contracts that I have signed before have meant all files I have worked on belong to the company !

That is a big reason why my goal is to have a computer at my desk I want a clear delineation but have my resources available. Also I don’t want to be the guy running an out of date version of plex on a computer with access to company information.