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Hello . I enjoyed @LTS_Tom video on MSP360 (cloudberry). We have been using the MSPBackup for about 6 months and the app is getting better and better with each new release. But I have a question around DR. So let’s assume you are pushing 4 to 5 TB to the cloud. Likely Wasabi, Backblaze, etc (We use Wasabi). One day the customer’s building goes up in flames along with the onsite backup target. Or there is a theft where the server and local backup target are lost. So now you need to download 5TB of data from cloud storage. I know BackBlaze has a reputation for very slow restores…Wasabi is actually pretty good but with that much data it will take forever. My point is even with a fast Internet pipe you might be waiting days for that file to download while the customer is down. In our case for these customers we use Veeam and backup to a VCP who can quickly create an image to an external hard drive of the last backup and overnight it to us.

I guess if you are going down this road of using public cloud storage is this a concern for you? Personally I find MSP360 software to be amazing and it works very well. But the DR piece for me is a concern with many TB of data.

Just a though

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This is a bigger discussion you should have with clients that have this much data. While backup is where you start the conversation, this would be part of bigger business continuity plan discussion. You discuss with the client worst case scenarios and how how long each would take to recover from. Solution could include you keeping a backup at a more local location.

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Yes, Veeam is great for DR partnering with a DR site provider is the way to go when you have that much data and machine images to restore quickly.

Always, BU useless unless it can be restored quickly and without error.

Yes. I guess that was what I was getting at. We use Veeam with iland as the vcp for the mission critical sites. I get Tom’s point and it is common sense. And I guess you can sell backup services DR as a potential several day restore at a certain tier. For us we just use cloudberry for smaller customers with under 1TB of storage. Everything else is Veeam to iland. If we need 5tb overnighted on a drive we have it. Also the ability to spin up vms in the cloud. Obviously you pay for all of this but veaam rental licensing and iland storage is reasonable. I will say that as of October 2019 Wasabi is scary good.

@Dhayes Good approach right size for the client. iland is a good choice for DR site. DR is not cheep but far less than the potential losses a disaster will cause. If your business is down the scavengers will pick your bones very quickly. Have that conversation with all clients no matter the size.

Can other people comment their experience with Blackblaze’s egress speeds?

Slightly concerned as I was about to go with them.

I don’t see them throttling any speeds, I think it’s limited to your inet pipe speeds and your ISP

I’ll see if I can do a 2GB file upload and restore later and capture results on B2

I just reached out to B2 Support and this is what they said;

Does B2 throttle any speeds on uploads and download (restores)?

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Hello, None of our services throttle uploads/downloads. What issues are you encountering?

It is good that they do not throttle but the reputation of slow egress is based on reviews so take it with a grain of salt. Even though they do not throttle does not mean their pipe to their infrastructure or the infrastructure itself is not slow causing the poor egress. Like all public cloud the chain is only as strong…yada yada.

One of the main reasons we continue to use Veeam for larger sites is their forever forward incrementals and synthetic fulls. Basically you push up your images to your Cloud Connect Provider only ONCE and then push up incrementals from that point on. With CloudBerry you need to reseed every 14 days or so and that means if you have 1+TB of storage it can take days to get up there every 14 days or so.
Now that being said CBB DOES have support for synthetic fulls with Wasabi. However, as of CBB 6.0 there is no support for synthetic fulls when you are using the VM version of the software. And most of our clients are using Hyper-V and we have CBB installed on the host which works great. But the lack of synthetic full support to Wasabi at the VM host level makes it a non starter for us with customers greater than 1TB and a decent pipe. Once CBB gets this rolled out (perhaps it is there now?) then it will be a game changer.
Another caveat. I believe you CAN install the file server version of CBB on the Guest VM’s to get the Synthetic fulls to Wasabi.


Total agreement, the reasons you stated are why I Like Veeam including their bare metal BU solutions. Haven’t Really had time to look at Wasabi in depth. I also like Asigra that works with both FreeNAS and TrueNAS, Check it out. Another reason I like Veeam it is certified with TrueNAS. It is good to have multiple product to offer since one size doesn’t fit all.