Msp360 backup trial

After Tom mentioned msp360 backup I opened a trial. So far so good. Local Hyper-V backup and restores are almost twice as fast as Synology Active Backup. I’m testing the online backups now.
I’ll be giving Veeam a whirl next.

Ok it’s a tough choice. Veeam is pretty nice as well. However, MSP360 Backup seems a bit more intuitive.

Since my Veeam sales person never answers the phone or returns calls my decision is easier.

I am a Veeam Pro Partner you can talk to me. What is you question?

I would really like to schedule a walk through of the product. Also, whenever you call support the call hangs up.

I could schedule that. Send me a email and phone and we will schedule. By the way Veeam supports Backblaze, and is certified with TrueNAS. Veeam or MSP 360 choice depends on amount of data and its level of value, on prem or cloud etc. ; budget.

I Messaged you but no response

I sent you an email with my email and phone. Need to gather some facts to get an understanding of your specific needs.

Thanks. I ended up going with MSP360.

MSP360 is a good choice, also works with TrueNAS. I use both Veeam and MSP360 since both are TrueNAS workable.

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