MSP PSA/Helpdesk Software


I’ve followed the channel quite a while now and on my research for a good PSA software I stumbled upon this 4 year old one: The Software That Runs the IT & Managed Services side of Lawrence Technology Services. - YouTube

I was wondering what changed in the meantime and what software youre still or now using, is it still SolarWinds or did you find something that suits your needs better?

Thanks in advance

We moved away from that old invoice system over to InvoiceNinaj and we are using FreshDesk for our ticketing now. We are still using the N-Able (formerly SolarwindsMSP) to manage all the endpoints we monitor.

@LTS_Tom Since you like to self host I am curious if you considered zammad or request tracker which are solid open source solutions. Why freshdesk? Perhaps you discussed on your show.

We looked at a few self hosted systems, ended up going with

Hey Tom, does fresh desk have a self host option?

No,it does not. The big issue with self hosting the ticket system is making sure all the outbound emails don’t get caught up in spam. Freshdesk and other reputable services solve that issue easier than I can.

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