MSP contract liability

I am an MSP startup and I am wondering how I should manage the liability for security incidents within my contracts with clients? Do other MSPs have any kind of liability waiver clause in their agreements with their clients so that they can’t be sued if someone breaks into their client’s network?

I know I can purchase Tech E&O and Cyber Insurance, but how do you all handle it from a contractual basis with your clients?


You contact a lawyer who understands the laws in the areas you operate in and have them go over the agreements. You can get templates from

Thanks a lot Tom! Really appreciate all the videos, advice, etc.!

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Tom, as part of your business insurance, do you carry special riders for security issues? And if so how much do you insure against? I’d guess millions of $ would be at a minimum these days.

Brett takes care of the details but I know it’s a lot.