MSP Collaboration

So, it may have been a few days. My apologies, got overwhelmed with work.

I brought up in the Livestream on Thursday, what MSPs do differently based on their different areas or what they specialize in.

We are a general MSP offering managed services, security, voip, and cabling/wifi. But I see more and more in my area trasnitioning to only consulting/management and less on-site. When I see this, it becomes an opportunity for me because customers in my area love to see techs on site dealing with their problems, even if it means paying more.

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The market is quite wide and diverse with plenty of opportunities due to the growth of and dependence on tech to keep companies going.

I moved to offering cloud hosting only vs managed services because I wanted to own the environment and found that things just run smoother than on-prem setups.

Hey, Another MSP here based in Staffordshire, England.

I came across Tom’s channel whilst looking for some info on pfSense (I think) and quickly realised that he seems to have a very similar setup / mind set to me.

I tend to go with;
HP servers and computers
XCP-ng for virtualisation (just moving over from KVM)
HP or Ubiquiti network hardware
Ubiquiti wireless
freePBX for phones
Team Viewer (older perpetual v12 license) for remote access / support

I’m planning a video series that will be a clean install from nothing to a fully functional “typical” office setup using variations of the above.

I also prefer a “boots on the ground” approach where possible as the only real way I find to get to know what your customers need is by being on site and listening to the pain points.


I’m very focused on being able to go onsite as well. Most of my clients are within 5 minutes of my office. Most support is still remote, but we can pop onsite when it’s easier. We don’t charge drive time or minimum onsite hours - it’s all included, and clients seem to really like that.