MSI Laptop Touch Pad and Pop!_OS 19.10

Ok now that I’ve jumping in on Linux Pop!_OS 19.10 for the first time in my life, I got a big problem with my MSI laptop Elantech touchpad not working. I learnt how to get my touch pad to work, but quickly learned that after a reboot, it stops working again.;( How can I make my touch pad work permanently after the fix?

What are you doing to get it working? You just have to make that change persistent across reboots. It works fine now in 19.10 but in 19.04 I had to do this:

sudo vim /etc/default/grub
Next I added GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="psmouse.elantech_smbus=0
Then you run sudo update-grub to make it persistent after reboot.

Bug report and more detail on how to resolve it here:

I found this from google to get it to work; sudo sh -c 'echo -n “elantech”> /sys/bus/serio/devices/serio1/protocol

Then this method of adding that line to GRUM_CMDLINE_LINUX should work for you as well.

Well Tom, I tried the solution you provided and it didn’t work. Maybe the solution only works on ThinkPad laptops, maybe my MSI laptop‘s Elantech touch pad has a little something different to it.