Msft 10 rebuild

We’ve all been at a point where we’ve thrown in the towel trying to repair client issues with Win10 and decided to reformat the boot drive and start over.
Which methods does this community utilize? Backup local files and rebuild win10 from scratch, or other methods?

If you do this a lot and this is a windows shop you probably would be better off with windows deployment service

I work at an MSP and we tried WDS and the deployment toolkit for some time but it turned into such a pain in the ass we went back to simply using Macrium via USB. From what I could tell if you wanted it done properly you had to spring for SCCM.


I use a VM to create a win10 reference image, sysprep and clonezilla to capture and then clonezilla either via network boot or USB boot to deploy. For some customers I maintain a per customer image, for others I use a standard image and install specific software manually when I deploy.

Not sure if Tom has any videos specifically around this topic but I would humbly suggest that the following two might help…