MS365 New Commerce Experience billing: the ability to be billed monthly for the annual license seems to have disappeared

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

On the CSP Platform on which I buy licenses for my customers, I just saw that the “billed monthly” option for annual MS365 licenses has disappeared…My CSP says that MS has removed that billing option, which was available a few weeks ago.

I will try to contact MS about that as soon as I find the right Customer Support to ask this on (this is never an easy task with MS), but I also thought about asking this here. Has anyone ran into this and maybe has information about it? Has MS really discontinued this?

As a very small MSP, we had just calculated our packages in order to help as many prospects and customers as we can switch from break-fix to MSP, but if this MS move is definitive, we will have to raise the prices in order to opt for the monthly option, which would make it very difficult to close deals…

Thanks a lot for any information anyone could potentially have on this :slight_smile:

Yes, they are charging more and changing up the program.