MS 365 tenant migration?

Hey guys,

I’ve just taken on a new customer who is buying their company out of a larger firm. It all seems to be fairly amicable and friendly. Their domain is currently pointing MX to an Office 365 tenant that belongs to the current parent firm and we need to extract it.

Last time I had to do this MS told me I had to do without the domain for 90 (Ninety, count them) days whilst “the back end caught up” so we just migrated to Google… That was about 5 years ago though.

I assumed there would be a tenant to tenant migration process direct from MS but I dont see one.
I could; check what mailboxes exist (only 3-5), make local PST files, download everything, drop the domain from the current tenant, setup a new tenant, wait 48 hours, add the domain to the new tenant, upload from PST.

Does anyone have any better solutions? I’ve got two GoDaddy O365 to migrations on the cards as well so any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @garethw,

here we use this fantastic IMAP migration tool from dear old Mr. Lamiral: Mailbox Imapsync Online (

Regarding Sharepoint and OneDrive we use the migration tool from MS: SharePoint Migration Tool for SharePoint and OneDrive - Migrate to SharePoint and OneDrive | Microsoft Docs

Regarding the domain migrations, last time I did it it only took 3/4 hours before the new tenant let me add the domain. One good thing MS does is that it check for the DNS records you setup on your domain querying directly your domain’s DNS servers so after you add the TXT record MS=xxx it works instantaneously.

A good thing of IMAPSync is that you can run the sync multiple times, and I assure you you won’t get any duplicates. So you can run the sync in advance to sync all the email and than after the MX records go live you re-run the sync to get only the last couples of days.

Thanks @cabassi. I like the look of the IMAP migration tool but not sure I can trust the data to go through someone else’s server without knowing a bit more about it.

Will have a look at the MS SharePoint tool though for sure.

Regarding the IMAP tool you can easily install it on a server of your own, like we did.

It only costs 120 euro (support included). The guy who made it is very nice and helpful.
If I think at how much time we were wasting on mail migrations 120 euro are nothing…

And as a benefit: this works with IMAP so it can be used not only for Microsoft 365.

Cool. I’ll check again, I assumed it was a service.

Go to MailsDaddy website to get Tenant to Tenant manual process.

To read the complete step by step article on Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration, visit CloudBik Official website. If you would like to watch the video, check the video link below.

Video Link: Microsoft 365 Cross Tenant Migration- Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Step-by-Step Guide[2023] - YouTube