Moving TrueNAS Core VM to bare metal TrueNAS Scale

I have TrueNAS Core installed as a VM in Proxmox. I would like to use the current Proxmox server as my TrueNAS Scale bare metal server. I have over 50 years of video and music stored on TrueNAS in 50+TB.
I have watched Toms’s videos on moving a ZFS pool to new hardware, but I still feel unsure that I understand the process. In simplest terms here is what I think are the steps to take to move my current TrueNAS Core from a VM to bare metal.

  1. Make a backup of TrueNAS Core: System->General->Save Config
    a. This should save all my account information.
    b. the ZFS pool info is stored in the pool itself, right?
  2. Create and TrueNAS Scale USB installation disk.
  3. Insert my new NVMe drive (it will be my boot drive after the installation).
  4. Insert the USB drive with TrueNAS Scale and power on the server.
  5. Install TrueNAS Scale.

I will leave the HBA and the attached drives in place and import the pool once the installation is complete, right?
Will the above steps work? Is this the correct order of steps or did I miss something?

Any review would be greatly appreciated.

Truenas is running on Proxmox, how are the drives presented to Truenas - direct connection via hba card or as a virtual drive in proxmox,

I pass through the LSI HBA so TrueNAS has complete control of the ZFS pool disks.

Take a backup of truenas core and the pool encryption key is set up.

Install truenas scale , import the pool and restore the config file.

I hope you have a backup of the data just in case

Paul thanks for the reply,
I have my media on an 8-year-old Synology NAS that I’m transitioning from to TrueNAS, so, yes I have it in two places.

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