Moving hyper-v to xcp

So we were running xenserver, we had a review of systems and a 3rd party (good, like yourselves) said thay we should be running Hyper-v with veeam. As we were using unitrends (slow) for our backup it seemed a good move as to speed up our 24 Hr backup process to 20 min for all.

Anyway we didn’t want to leave xen, but times change.

£4000 and 2 weeks later, i’ve halted this project and i’m putting this hyper-v S"&T to rest. although i will upgrade to XCP-NG. we also have a much better way to backup so that issue is gone…

SO to move from xen - hyper-v we used veeam to covert the machines.

what’s the best way to move windows / linux from hyper-v to xcp?

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and just to add.

  1. Hyper-v is not a hypervisor, it’s all the scraps (services) pulled into one mess. (took a day, per server to config and i had already done windows install, updates etc…)

Xen (XCP) you can have a host up in an hour.

Just use this tool

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Theres the way that Tom posted about but theres another way which I have just undertaken.

If you have VHDX files you cant import them into XCP, you have to first convert the VHDX file - you can use the free version of Starwind Convrter for this and it works tremendously well.

Download the VHDX, convert to VHD - And then in Xen Orch do an Import.

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Thanks but both failed for me.

Option1: The location of the local storage on xcp was not mounted as suggested, i had a good dig around but couldn’t find it. We use iSCSI and i couldn’t find that. The only mount i did find was the ISO folder. anyway concept understood and one to review again.

Option2: Yep, nice little tool, worked perfectly although XOA just looked at the disk as an import but didn’t complete the task. I made sure it was on the same machine as the browser, just in case… anyway couldn’t upload.

Option3: using the XCP Center, this has disk import but you have to make a machine… regardless i can change this later and move it around if i was uploading more for one VM. I took the export from Option2 and began an upload, got to about 90% and failed…

Option4: Veeam have a free tool called Veeam Endpoint (it’s there windows/other agent)
anyway you can backup your machine from the inside out and then with the recovery ISO it builds you can rebuild from the inside out, machine the disk layout before you start. This worked but for obvious reasons.

Thanks for your help, i’m sure both ways DO work, just not with my test VM… maybe using tool in option1 would have worked importing into XOA or the center…

As long as you convert your VHDX files to VHD they will import via XCP-NG Center or Xen Orchestra - I literally just did it. Convert VHDX with Starwind to VHD on your local machine, then import the VHD into XCP yes - create the VM just dont boot it up if you dont need to you can delete the actual VM and leave the Virtual Disk in XCP and just attach that to any VM you like. That is how I have done it.

hello everyone

I migrate 7 Virtual Machine (From vmware to xcp-ng), in the case of a Windows i used Windows Backup Tool, the only problem is to lose the configuration of the nic.Ex: Windows Xp, Windows7 and Server 2008R2.Windows Backup Tool
In the case of Linux we use export and import. For Centos 7 run dracut command before shutdown and export. And in case of debian or ubuntu be didn’t need command before export this VMs.
In all the case lost the nic configuration.dracut

Good Luck.