Moving customer from sbs 2012 to synology directory server?


Anyone been through this, any gotcha’s?

… just 5 users running an out of support Small Business Server 2012, prefer to purchase a synology and use synology AD and migrate to that rather then replace their aging server and latest windows server licence?


Watch this video -

Setup Synology domian controller - use ‘Add a domain controller to an existing domain’

Use robocopy to copy data to Synology

Note totally sure - you may have 30 days to complete the migration

Look at a new “server” and Zentyal to move the domain. When I say “server” it could be a lot of inexpensive devices, I have this running on my home lab on one of these devices and it is fine for basic authentication needs Quieter2Q-Shenzhen MeLE

You should get a faster version, the 3q would be better or one of the other miniPC.

All this depends on exactly what you are using the SBS to do, if you have a bunch of files shares, then all this might change. Truenas Mini running a VM with Zentyal might be an option.

perfect, just what i was looking for :slight_smile:

I tried a zentyal in a vm a while back, reached out to zentyal with some questions before attempting migration, was not too happy with the support around the product, so dropped it

plus will be using the built in business backup and thre c2 storage for offsite backups

With file store and backups in the mix, Zentyal by itself would not be an answer. The SBS flavor was pretty much a niche product that did exactly what a lot of people needed, not sure if this product exists in newer versions (like 2022).

Looking back at SBS, it limits the number of other servers that can play along, so I’m guessing Zentyal can’t even properly integrate with SBS. Again, a very niche product.