Moving and Leaving my Unifi Network for new Owners

I am moving in two weeks to a new home and would like some guidance on how best to make the transition.

Currently, I have a Netgate 3100 PFSense router and Unifi network comprised of a Cloudkey G2, a 16 port POE router, 2 Access points, and 4 cameras.

I want to take the Netgate 3100 router with me and leave the Unifi Network for the new owners, but I am not sure what I need to do.

  • Will the Unifi network and WIFI continue to work as expected if I remove the PFSense router and switch the cable modem from bridged mode to managed mode?
  • Can the Unifi Equipment be transferred to a new user account?
  • Am I forgetting anything?

Get the new owners to signup for a Unifi account at their web site. Once you have their user name, log into your unifi cloud account and under console settings you can transfer ownership of your network to a new owner.

Thanks, Transferring the account seems easy enough.

Do you know if the Unifi network will continue to work as normal if I remove the PFSense firewall and use the ISP’s modem to handle DHCP and the firewall?

I’m assuming your network is “flat” with just one subnet. If so, you might want to make sure the ISP’s modem is also a router and it is set to have the same LAN IP address as what was used in Pfsense. Most important, the Unifi network controller will have to have the same static IP as it does now or you will have to reset and re-adopt all the unifi devices…don’t reset the unifi controller. You could manually redo the set-inform address for each unifi device but might be easier to just reset.

Thanks for all the tips.
I was able to set the new owner’s cable modem’s internal LAN IP to match the PFSense router, and everything is working as expected. Thanks for the help.