Moved /var/log to ram, now services refusing to start

Marry xmas everyone!

So as i described in the title i moved the /var/log directory to a ramdrive to reduce the pointless writes on the ssd array hosting my apps and VMs, logs are sent to a graylog instance running on a hdd array.
The issue is some services will flat out refuse to start if the /var/log/<app_dir> path doesnt exist. Is there a wway to automatically create these directories so i dont have to ssh in every time it restarts?

You’ll have to create a cron on reboot to call a script. That would be the easiest way.

Let’s say you created /mnt/log with

sudo mkdir /mnt/log
sudo mkdir /mnt/log/{apache2,apt,cups,lightdm,private}
sudo mount -o size=16G -t tmpfs none /mnt/log

is the a that points /var/log → /mnt/log ?

any reference to /var/log/ would go to /mnt/log/

Thanks, ill look into it.

Its not a symlink, it is directly mountedto /var/log via fstab at boot.

the crontab method seems to have worked (knock on wood), thanks for the help.