Move from Physical Freenas to Virtual


I am currently running Freenas 11.3U2 on a HP N54 with 16GB of Ram, I have 2 X 3 TB WD Red’s in a mirror, serving out files round the house, and two VM’s - a Linux VM (PiHole an Ubiquiti Controller) and a 2019 Server Core VM running Acive Directory. Whilst the current setup has been running just fine, I want to shift this setup to a Windows 2016 GUI, running a Virtual TrueNas, and a linux VM.

I dont have the option to move this to new hardware.

In terms of restoring the Freenas, my plan is to;
Backup Freenas DB to an external disk
Pop the two WD 3TB reds
Install Windows on new disk
Install HyperV
Create new TrueNasVM
Insert original 2 X 3TB WD reds, and pass them through directly to the Truenas VM
Restore the DB
Import the the pool on the the shiny new Truesnas install.

Any obvious flaws/gotchas in this plan?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t really comment on the freeNAS / TruNAS backup restore option as I don’t have any experience but it sounds like it should work…

My question would be, why on earth would you want to install 2016 and hyperv? If anything maybe install xcp-ng (8.2 recently released).