Mounting Synology Cameras

We have a project where we would like to use the Synology cameras with the Surveillance system. We will need to mount exterior cameras in some potentially harsh conditions. Does anyone know if I can get some secure domes and/or pole mounts for these cameras?

They are IP67 & IK101 certified, how much harsher than that do you need?

My primary concern is cold weather. These need to be mounted outdoors in areas where heavy snow is common. Normally, I would have a camera in a sealed dome with an electric heater. I really like the specs of these cameras, but I have not yet found out if it can be effective with lots of blowing snow.

I have not had any snow issues with mine, but I also have them mounted under an overhang so snow has never accumulated on top of the camera.

I think I will try them out on a different project (warmer weather) first. While I keep digging in to the options.
I also have a call with some Synology engineers this week. I will see what they suggest.


As a follow-up to this thread. There are several generic “weather hoods” that will fit over the Synology cameras. I think this will suffice for the snow protection. I am excited to try these cameras.