Moodle & pfSense-HAProxy issue

hello All,
& Happy New Year :blush:

i need some help with my issue plz.
i’m using pfSense firewall & need to pass my moodle-website via HAProxy installed in my firewall.
Source(https) ↔ pfSense-HAProxy ↔ IIS (http)
i did all the settings (acmeCert & NAT), but still getting the following issue:
as shown above, only text and no pic’s or style…etc!! its seems that the php nut running and the paths not correct between IIS(Moodle) and HAProxy…!

does anyone tried to run moodle-website (IIS\XAMPP) well with HAProxy over HTTP:80

I’d be so grateful if I could find the solution or get some guidance here.
with best regards

I’m pretty sure you need to enable x-forward-for on your frontend.

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