Monitoring Synologie Log with grafana


I have a little basic setup to get Synology logs into grafana (promtail + loki testing environment), I got the logs from 6 Synologys into loki in seperatet jobs.

For the most thing i just check one job if there are the messages inside I want to see (for example: “Backup task finished successfully” or “Failed to run backup task”) and got my red and green fields with the Name and Target of the backup taks. If there aren’t any of this messages in the last 24h, I get a violet “NO DATA”

For better control (and don’t have to login to a synology) I output all messages from a selectable job on the dashboard, to take a look why there is “NO DATA” (normaly a backup task runs longer then the day befor, but … )

And with the select I got my problem, I setup up a variable for this in the Dashboard


Many times not all jobs are listed there (that moment number 03,04,08,101) but if I enter the correct job name (DS-SUB07-BS) the output on the dashboard for this job does as expected, I see all messages from the last 24h

Anybody an idear where this could come from, the query for the variable or something in loki (limit or max age of something), …

I start working with grafana in december, with everthing from zero, no clue how to get information (exspecial the needed infromation) out of the Synology and make it visible on a grafana dashboard. So I get promtail+loki for the logs with the backup tasks and snmp_exporter+phometheus to check the system stats (CPU, RAM, network etc)